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Paradise model arrangement size large, with two and a half dozen roses, EIGHT birds of paradise and four acapulco flowers, price in 120 american dollars.

Don´t forget to select your roses color.
Type your roses color

Always available colors:
light pink
mexican pink (hot pink)
osiana (light cream color)

You can choose with 2, 3 or more colors combination.

Some clients allow us to choose the color or combination of colors, depending on the reason for your floral arrangement.

There is a variety of colors and unimaginable combinations, if we talking about roses.

RECIPIENT (fill with the data of the person who will receive the flowers)

The flower arrangement is directed to:

SENDER (fill with the data about who send the flowers):

You will receive the delivery results, an all our information, through the E-mail. Your E-mail is at the same time your ORDER NUMBER, and it is our preferred way to communicate with you.